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Our Company

  • 100% Filipino corporation
  • Full-service research and IT consulting organization
  • Industry leader in marketing information products since its founding in 1989
  • Over 400 clients including public sector organizations, large corporations, and local and international NGOs


  • Founded August 23, 1989 as a technology-based research and consulting organization 
  • Evolved from a pure consulting organization to a business intelligence enterprise, then to a business strategy architect helping companies find answers to mission-critical problems 
  • Recently transformed from a business strategy architect to a software marketing and applications company that provides strategic and risk management solutions to government and industry
  • Solutions include data-mining, statistical solutions, balanced scorecard, activity based costing/management, performance appraisal and complex data processing

Corporate Milestones

  • Appointed Distributor of SPSS Products in 1990
  • Appointed Exclusive Distributor of ThekraSoft in 1997 
  • Appointed Exclusive Distributor of Power Technologies, Inc. Products and services in 1998 
  • Appointed Exclusive Distributor of Gentia Products in 2000.
  • Appointed Distributor of ABC Oros in 2000 
  • Appointed Distributor of Indus Collections in 2001
  • Organized AcreTech, Inc. in 1994 to Provide Statistical Training 
  • Organized Acre Cebu (Holdings), Inc. in 1995 to Handle Marketing in Visayas and Mindanao 
  • Organized Center for Human Resource Strategies (CHReS), Inc. in 2000 to Conduct HR Consulting and Training 

Acre, Inc. conducts training covering various research and technical subjects such as market/survey research, segmentation analysis, basic data base management, basic statistics, advanced statistics, advanced data based management, tabulation, forecasting, and data mining (including various data mining applications).

President : Dr. Nick B. Fontanilla


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